What will the new 2023 SAT format test be similar to and different from the old test?

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What will the new 2023 SAT format test be similar to and different from the old test?


College Board, the organization that organizes the SAT, thinks these are good changes for students. "The computer-based SAT is more convenient to take and more organized," said Priscilla Rodriguez, associate director of the College Board's testing department.

According to Collegeboard, some of the changes to the SAT from 2023 specifically include:

The timelines for changes in the SAT will be as follows:

March 2023: International testing centers (outside the US) will begin offering the SAT on machines.

Fall 2023: All test centers will run the PSAT (simplified version of the SAT for students who want to prepare for the SAT) on a computer.

Spring 2024: Test centers in the US will begin offering the SAT on machines.

What changes will the new SAT test format have?

The test will last for about two hours (an hour less than before).

There will be two sections, Reading & Writing and Math, instead of four.

The reading comprehension passages will be shorter and students will only need to answer one question for each passage.

Students will have more time to work on each question.

Students can take the test on laptops or tablets. Before the test day, candidates will download an application for test-taking. With this application, the test will always be saved during the test, so that the candidate will not need to redo the test when the device is out of network or has technical problems. In addition, the application also provides tools to support students during the test such as a timer, calculator, reference information and a tool to mark questions that need to be rechecked.

Students can use a calculator in the Math section, either a mechanical calculator or a calculator built into the test application.

The test will be more adaptive. Each section will begin with an introduction to familiarize students with. The student's performance on the first questions determines how difficult the subsequent questions are.

Results will be returned earlier than the old test method. Students will receive their scores in days instead of weeks.

There will be more test dates for international students. In 2023, the College Board will add two international test dates to the exam schedule, in line with the number of exams offered to students in the US.

What will not change?

Students will take the test at the school or test center, not at home.

The total score will still be 1600. Each section (Reading & Writing and Math) will be scored on an 800-point scale.

Both sections will have multiple choice questions. The Math section will also have questions that students must answer by entering the solutions into the app.

What do all these changes mean for students?

Students planning to register for the SAT in 2022 should still stick to the plan. The test and how it is administered around the world remains the same this year.

International students planning to register for the SAT in 2023 should continue to monitor new information from the College Board for further updates. Students should talk to their SAT teacher or study abroad advisor to best prepare for these changes. Summer 2022, College Board will share more about new reference resources for students to review. Machined test materials and full mock tests will be available on the exam's app and on the Khan Academy website in the fall of 2022.

Talking to Dan Tri reporter, Mr. Myo Min, Academic Director of Summit Education, SAT expert and member of the international consulting association said: "Vietnamese students are often hardworking, have a good attitude and have a strong sense of responsibility. adaptability, the new format will not necessarily "make it difficult" for students. Shorter test times and shorter format questions may even lead to more students getting better scores."

However, because the initial preparation materials are still more limited and many students have already prepared for the exam in the old format, Mr. Myo recommends that you focus and try to "fix" your score in 2022. For those of you who plan to take the exam. In 2023 or later, students should still improve their Math and English language skills methodically, practice reading more, and manipulate a lot on computers to easily adapt to the new test.