4 tips to help your child stay safe when using the Internet

Admin 03:18 14-02-2022

4 tips to help your child stay safe when using the Internet


No matter what your child uses the Internet for, for schoolwork, entertainment, or just socializing with friends, the Internet has been and is an important part of their lives. Well aware of the potential dangers on the World Wide Web (www), what can parents do to help their children stay safe online? Here are four tips.

1. Efficiently communicate

Talking to children is never easy, however, maintaining and maintaining an open communication is the key to solving the problem. Parents want their kids to be able to share their online activities and be notified when something goes wrong?

First, tell your child about the existence of the Internet as soon as possible. The ideal time is before they start using email, social media or smartphones.

Second, discuss with your child about topics of interest to them online and learn from them popular websites and apps. This will help build an open relationship and allow parents to identify potential risks.

2. Set certain rules for your child

Remind your kids that what they share online stays with them forever, even on apps that are supposed to delete content after a period of time like Snapchat. Before sharing, children should always ask themselves: Is this information illegal? Is it harmful to yourself or not? Harassing others? If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, don't share it under any circumstances.

Also, explain to your child that online bullying is never acceptable and that they need to notify an adult immediately if it happens to them. Evidence of harassment should be collected, including dates, and a digital record of what happened.

3. Monitor your child to a reasonable extent

Internet usage is no different. It's helpful for kids to know the ground rules about what websites they can visit, what apps they can use, and what they can share online. Parents need to know who their child's friends are, both online and offline. Next, remind your child that if they feel uncomfortable with anything happening online, they should seek out a trusted adult.

4. Restrict access appropriately

How parents control their children's Internet use will largely depend on their age. Websites and browsing tools for young children, such as YouTube Kids, can provide a safe online experience for children.

Older children may be allowed more freedom because they need to use the Internet to gather information. However, parents can still set boundaries that are right for their child. Discuss these boundaries together, including filtering websites to block adult content and choosing parental controls on apps like Netflix to limit what your kids access.